Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge

After months of waiting, Microsoft finally has a name for Windows 10‘s brand-new web browser: meet Microsoft Edge. The new browser still has the same flat, minimalist look you saw earlier this year, as well as cool features like Cortana voice commands and annotation for websites. They’ve also came out with a  new tab page that shows both other websites as well as info like weather, and Microsoft is now making it easier for developers to port extensions from other browsers (such as Chrome).

It’s no secret we haven’t been fans for the old Internet Explorer and it seems the the folks at Microsoft are trying to distance their latest browser from Internet Explorer’s less-than-stellar reputation.

The team at ApRecs has been running Windows 10 in our test environment as an early BETA tester.  So far we’ve been able to confirm compatibility for our Grower Recordkeeping and Packer/Shipper Reporting services for both Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser. ApRecs Mobile including our Field Scouting and Harvest Estimating Applications web reports are also compatible.

For Field Advisors using the ApRecs FSO Offline Software to write agrichemical product use recommendations we do NOT officially support the new OS however we do have it functionally working on multiple devices.

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