Important information

  1. ApRecs’s full Privacy Statement contains more information about the Company’s Web site privacy practices.
  2. Please note the difference between “front facing” web, conference and social interactions and “Customer Data” which is addressed separately in the following.
  3. ApRecs is a member of the Open Ag Data Alliance (, the OADA vision for data privacy and use revolves around a set of privacy and use components (PUCs) by which producers and stakeholders can compare products and services that interact within the OADA ecosystem.  These PUCs refer to Customer Data and are described below.


Information collected

  1. When you request additional information or register on ApRecs’s Web site, the Company will ask you to provide basic contact information.
  2. When you purchase ApRecs’s applications or services (the “Services”), the Company will ask you to provide billing information.
  3. When you register for or attend corporate events, the Company will ask you to provide basic contact information, billing information, and information on your participation in the events on ApRecs’s Web sites.
  4. ApRecs uses common Internet technologies, such as cookies and Web beacons, to keep track of interactions with the Company’s Web sites and emails.


Use of information

  1. ApRecs uses information collected to provide you with the services you request.
  2. ApRecs may use information collected to provide you with additional information about the Company’s Services, partners, promotions, and events.
  3. ApRecs may use information collected to improve the Company’s Web sites and Services.
  4. Unless described in the full Privacy Statement, ApRecs does not share, sell, rent, or trade personally identifiable information with third parties for their promotional purposes. ApRecs may share information collected with other companies that work on ApRecs’s behalf.


Customer Data

  1. Customers of ApRecs may submit data or information via the Company’s services (“Customer Data”).
  2. ApRecs will not review, share, distribute, or reference any such Customer Data except as provided in the ApRecs Master Subscription Agreement, or as may be required by law. In accordance with the ApRecs Master Subscription Agreement, ApRecs may access Customer Data only for the purposes of providing the services, preventing or addressing service or technical problems, at a Customer’s request in connection with customer support matters, or as may be required by law.
  3. OADA: Each company in the OADA ecosystem ( should provide a publicly available URL that lists a true or false assertion (or equivalent such as check boxes, yes/no, etc.) for each OADA PUC with each of their privacy and terms of use policies.

The following OADA PUC table has been adapted to this Privacy Statement Highlights by replacing the term “farmer” with “Customer”, other modifications to the Description are bracketed and italicized when added or stricken when omitted.

Privacy and Use Component (PUC) Description
Modular Choice and ConsentTRUE The Customer has a choice to opt-out of sharing data with an entity or with third parties if that sharing is not the primary purpose of the service or product.
Third Party Audit and CertificationFALSE An independent third party has certified that the internal privacy and use practices of an entity coincide with an entity’s stated policy, and has verified each assertion of true/false for these OADA principles. [Clarification; the above statement is false.]
Deletion of Data Upon RequestTRUE A Customer’s data is deleted upon the Customer’s request, with reasonable considerations for backup and recovery services.  A particular Customer’s contribution to aggregated data is impossible to delete in general once it has become non-identifiable, so this principle refers only to data which is possible to identify and delete.  Furthermore if a Customer has opted to Share information with a Third-Party access to the Shared Data may remain after Termination of the Customer’s Account and may not be deleted from the Third-Party’s Account and/or External Systems.
Publicly accessible policiesTRUE The privacy and use policies of a given entity and the assertions of true/false for each of these OADA principles are publicly available, and their locations will be properly provided as described in the OADA API.
Sharing of Identifiable Data with Third PartiesTRUE (With Clarification) A Customer explicitly controls who can see his or her data, and identifiable data shared with this entity is not provided to outside parties unless requested by the Customer [in accordance with Sales Order, Master Services Agreement and/or Documentation].  This includes personally identifiable data as well as geospatially identifiable data.
Sharing of Anonymized or Aggregate Data with Third PartiesTRUE Anonymous or aggregate data are not shared with third parties unless requested by the Customer.
Internal Guidelines for Data AccessTRUE A company has internal policies which limit access to Customer data to only those individuals and uses necessary to properly provide a Customer with a given service.
Access and TransferabilityTRUE A Customer and his authorized agents are not intentionally denied access to the Customer Data, and the Customer can transfer his or her data from a service at any time in accordance with the publicly posted terms and policies.
Open FormatsTRUE (With Clarification) All data generated for a Customer is available to that Customer in a publicly published format [which will be made available upon request].


Communication preferences

  1. Every marketing email from ApRecs contains instructions on how to opt out of receiving further marketing emails from the Company.
  2. If you provide ApRecs with contact information, you may choose how the Company uses your information.
  3. You may manage your receipt of marketing and non-transactional communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of the Company’s marketing emails.


How to contact us

Please read the Complete Privacy Statement for additional information. You may also contact ApRecs Privacy Compliance Office at 1250 N Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, WA 98801 or by calling 1-888-610-4230.