A Complete Application Record and Compliance Management Solution For Growers

Stop wrestling with ever-changing market mandates and regulation iterations. As a grower it all starts with you, but it takes a team of field consultants, agrichemical specialists, processors and others to assure a quality product that is safely grown, processed and marketable.

Now with ApRecs it’s easy to manage the vast set of product rates, variables, ingredients and associated references, PHI, REI and special use parameters weather at your desk or in the field. Other systems can be cumbersome – ApRecs works for you with streamlined one page forms, simple and easy-to-understand reports and lighting fast templates.

Once information is generated it remains in a safe and secure environment and is ready to be shared with only those who you allow. ApRecs then offers 1-click workflow steps and easy-to-follow processes for sharing, converting and reporting information to stakeholders – all with your absolute control.

ApRecs can be customized for your organization with differentiated report formats, business rules and parameters. Our solution plays well with others (including competitive systems); after all, this is a dynamic business and you either get along or you move along.

Smart Forms & Docs

Automatic REC Alerts, Customized Work Orders, Loadsheets, REI Posters and Spray Notices

Product Inventory & Costing

Check Shed Inventory Levels, Manage Vendor Prices, Issue Purchase Orders and Reconcile To Streamline Costs.

Compatible With Your Vendors

Receive Recommendations From Any Standard System (Agrian, AgWorld, AgVerdict, Syngenta, more...) and align them into one system.

Field Data Management

Manage Locations, Managers, Fields, Blocks by Variety with Seperate Tracking for Multiple Packer Lot Numbers

Powerful Summary & Custom Reports

Roll-up Product Use by Field, Variety, and/or Product.  Cost by Vendor, Location and/or Shed (w/ Inventory) - Your data when you need it.

Trust Management & Selective Sharing

Manage Who Can Access Your Data by Time, Location, Status or Lot Number Including Conditions for Sharing Compliance Criteria In Advance.

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Label Reference

Easy to find product labels, SDS and variable rate information.

Work Orders / REI Posters

Create Re-Entry Posters, Tank Mix and Work Order Reports and streamline record keeping.

Convert / Import Recomendations

Easy conversion of Recommendations to Records. Import 3rd party files... keep records in one place.

Secure Reporting

Create and securely share reports on Applications, Personnel, Apparatus and Locations.

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