As an Agribusiness Professional you play an integral role in assuring a safe, quality and marketable product. Customers rely on you for sound guidance and reliable, consistent reports; with with ApRecs Field Advisor you can have the tools and mobility you need for today's fast-paced environment.

Now with ApRecs Field Services, Product Recommendations can be generated on the go and in moments your customers and other stakeholders are engaged and informed. 

With a fully integrated customer management solution, ApRecs offers visibility into your customers’ pest management plans (as they allow) so you can make better informed recommendations. Of course, privacy is maintained as Records can only be access by those with proper security privileges; ApRecs doesn’t share information without explicit consent.

With easy-to-use tools you can work with or with out Internet access and create fully customized solutions from your personalized library of templates or from scratch in a matter of minutes. When complete, your customers can receive detailed and compliant recommendations together with customizable work orders and even print compliance notices and posters from their optional private account.

Quick Documents On & Offline

Fast Recomendations & Spray Program Templates With 1-Click Copy, Clone and Share

Up To Date Product Data

Lablee Database with Real-Time Updates and Dynamic Rate Suggestions for Efficacy, Target, Soil and Other Precision Attributes

Co-Managed Grower Data

Field Data Managment, Maps and Field History with Block Specific Details Such As: Varieity, Spacing, Soil, Lot Numbers and more.

Get The Full Story

View Grower History, Rates and Prior Recomendations Then Make Real-time Adjustments To Grow From Past Learnings.

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Facilitate Business

Connect to Grower inventory and calculate product requirements.

Product Search

Lookup product information, SDS, Rates and Labels Quickly

Knowledge Library

Use templates to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce errors

Secure Communications

Share information securely and without clunky e-mail

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"Having the ability to pull info back up and use it takes a lot of time out of the process of building RECs from scratch....Time is money, everybody wants to be as efficient as they can." - Nathan Squires, Horticulturist