We make EPA Label and MSDS Data easy to find

The ApRecs Label and Safety Reference is a comprehensive product database of Registered Products complete with Product Rate Variants, Registration and Safety Information including Special Use and Safety Documents.

The utmost care has been taken to assure accurate translation from Label Records with a three-factor validation and verification process that assures accuracy and timely updates in tune with the Regulatory Agencies. Product data has been sourced from the labels themselves and field tested with thousands of expert reviews.

We’ve conveniently included a real-time search and look-up function within our ApRecs Software at no extra charge. Strategic partnering and application integration inquires can be made by interested parties.


We welcome partnership and integration opportunities; a good example of potential engagement partners may be (but not limited to):

  • Sustainability / Traceability Software Vendor 
  • Farm Automation Equipment/Software Vendors
  • Compliance / Auditing Professional Service Entities
  • Agricultural Product Stakeholders


Contact us if there is an interest; we look forward your to well constructed and thoughtful approach.

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