Complete automation of data retrieval, extraction, loading, and reporting.

Over time new systems are added and old systems remain; departments can become disjointed and data becomes stranded requiring manual effort while exposing the risk for errors and inefficiencies.

Often third party contractors want a mint for integration services or are simply unable to relate separate systems to one another as they don’t posses the tool set and skills.

With increasing requirements, complexity and urgency of AgriData, the information must flow quickly and seamlessly across the food chain. Jail housed data can cost your organization tremendously both in hard costs increased liability, missed market opportunities, fines and lost customer confidence.

Centricity’s AgriData solutions can save hours of work daily and thousands of dollars monthly by replacing tedious job of manual data entry with the clockwork precision of automated data processing.

Our systems approach is dynamic and agile; it can be configured to work with a variety of reports and third party data sources to Retrieve, Reconstruct, Reconcile and Report. It can be programmed to run automatically or respond when data is uploaded, e-mailed or entered.




Artificial Intelligence and mechanized workflows


Analyze, relate and take action on anomalies


Web portal, automated presentation and notifications

Example of Centricity AgriData Capabilities
  • Extract structured information from loosely organized documents such as: Certificates of Analysis, Invoices, PO, Test Certificates, Bills of Laden, Airway Bills, Loading Manifests, Phone Bills, and more.
  • Parse and extract data from any file: Obtain data from nearly any local or remote source such as: Emails, FTP, Legacy Files or via API.
  • Cleanse, consolidate, and load extracted records to any database system such as: MS SQL, Oracle, My SQL, DB2, DBF, Access, Excel, CSV
  • Build customized dashboards and web based process and quality control interfaces to refine, repeat and or automate interactive querying and reporting
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