Aggregating various forms of data and producing a simple, intuitive interface is an art. Our information artists are accomplished IT/IS experts with rich skill sets and deep practical experience that span decades and industries.

ApRecs Agri-Data Solutions include comprehensive Agricultural information sets together with tools that enable us to Retrieve, Reconstruct, Reconcile and Report virtually any third-party data set to our customers exacting requirements.

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    ApRecs Label & Safety Reference

    The cornerstone of our ApRecs Record Management Software which includes thousands of agricultural products and their attributes in an expertly maintained and accessible online database.

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    Enterprise Integration

    A professional services tool-set combining advanced OCR, data extraction and automated data manipulation tools wrapped with turn-key guidance, management, implementation and support.

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Yes. We do that too.

API, GET/POST, WEB, PDF, HTML, Excel, DOC, TXT, CSV, MS SQL, Oracle, My SQL, DB2, DBF, Access, Excel. We play well with others and speak many languages. We'll work with internal or external data partners to assure the right fit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our clients pay for results, not efforts. If you are not 100% completely satisfied upon delivery, all license fees will be refunded immediately and further financial commitments relieved. No haggle, no fine print.

Heroic Support

Our team is ready to respond to your needs from planning to an on-call emergency response. We’re empowered to follow through completely and professionally. We answer the tough questions and are direct and honest when managing difficult situations.

Guided Implementation

When you engage with an ApRecs Enterprise License you receive a dedicated account team to assist you in configuration, customization, training and on-going support services.

Enterprise Class

Our highly connected network lowers the number of A/S hops while information is sent and prevents overall latency. Quite simply, if one network is bogged down, there is always another available to give your data a lightning fast transfer.

Secure & Scalable

Our primary dedicated server environment is SOC 1 SSAE 16 compliant and backed with cloud scaling together multiple Tier-1 network peers and a geographically redundant warm-standby data center in place just in case.
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