Is the Path for FSMA thru FSSC 22000?

Is the Path for FSMA thru FSSC 22000?

I attended a webinar recently, FSSC 22000…The Road Ahead hosted by SafetyChain.  A description of the hour-long webinar:

FSSC 22000’s U.S. Liaison Dr. Jacqueline Southee discusses what’s new for FSSC this year; where FSSC is going in 2015 and beyond; how you’ll be impacted by the changes on the road ahead; and how to start preparing today for tomorrow’s FSSC.  Plus Jacqueline took questions live!

FSSC is a program that was founded in the Netherlands to be used as an ISO 22000 certification program for Producers, Processors and Packers. Over the past year, FSSC has seen a rise of 50% certification in over 146 countries, and with over 800 companies using the program. The program works with over 1,500 auditors to make sure that all of the companies meet the audit requirements, and all of the audits are the same.

Starting in 2015 FSCC 22000 will be working to maintain a standard audit program worldwide. They are working on enhancing transparency and communication with the community, certificating bodies, and auditors. They are planning to extend the scope of the program that may include the possibility of unannounced audits.

FSSC 2200 is part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which has been working with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  What this means is that the FSSC is already a recognized safety certification program. In many ways, FSMA is very similar to ISO 22000 where FSSC 22000 already works as a certification program. ISO 22000 standards, from my perspective, are a lot easier and less confusing than FSMA.

This webinar demonstrates the ongoing efforts for further Food Safety documentation at the processor and packer level. The transition into FSMA and GFSI will be difficult without having a current documentation management system installed. For those that wait to get a handle on their Food Safety Documents it may be a long and tedious effort to bring them up to the standards being discussed.

 Has anyone went through FSC22000 AUDIT? Or have an opinion on the webinar?

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