Global GAP Tour 2015

Global GAP Tour 2015

We’re excited to be joining our friends and colleagues at the GlobalGAP and the United Fresh produce trade association United Fresh Convention (June 8-10).  We’ll be heading out to Chicago for the one-day conference, Thursday, June 11, with leading agricultural industry and government representatives. The tag line is “beyond food safety” which has many concerned, however, we think there’s an opportunity to streamline food safety for everyone in the value-chain. We will be arriving early to reconnect with partners and industry leaders as we shape the next generation of secure data awareness on the farm. Food Safety is a paramount issue and we can all do with fewer forms and less audit fatigue.

We hope to see you there; and will keep you posted during and after the event on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and of course, right here.

The Agenda:

The “Tour 2015” event from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the McCormick Place Convention Center features a keynote address by the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor on the agency’s view of the role of on-farm audits in the coming era of the landmark FSMA legislation.

The first session examines food safety harmonization and audit fatigue reduction. Moderated by United Fresh Senior Vice President of Food Safety David Gombas, the session’s panelists include Alpine Fresh’s Peter Hill, Costco’s Craig Wilson, Florida Tomato Exchange’s Reggie Brown, Moreland Fruit Farm’s Fred Finney, Walmart’s Kerry Bridges, and Wegmans’ Bill Pool.

Then GlobalGAP explores the rising trend of going “Beyond Food Safety” with a look into sustainability and worker welfare concerns. Environmental consultant Robert Denny moderates this session with panelists Gavin Bailey of Walmart; Mary O’Rourke with the U.S. Department of Labor; Chris Waldrop of the Consumer Federation of America; Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates’ Tamara Muruetagoiena; and Craig Wilson with Costco.

The third session looks ahead to the future role of third-party audits in the changing landscape of farm certification, and includes such panelists as USDA’s Ken Peterson; the Equitable Food Initiative’s Peter O’Driscoll; SQFI’s LeAnn Chuboff; Equicert’s Michael Hari; and Sustainability Consultant Roberta Anderson.

For more information and to register, visit their website. Note, registration for this event is separate from registration for the 2015 United Fresh convention.