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    LEVERAGING FIELD DATA - Use e-Recommendations to drive business today and decisions tomorrow

    Recommendations aren’t a liability – they’re an opportunity. What better way to engage your customer throughout the decision and work process than to deliver a solid platform that makes their job easier. Other companies such as CPS® and Wilbur-Ellis®* have already figured it out with millions invested in their own proprietary grower solutions. Now you can customize your own version of ApRecs to snap ahead of competition and secure your customer in the next competitive: space-their electronic world.

    Your customers are going digital for weather, scouting, calculators, etc. Now is the time to capture the digital decision making space.

    Driving your business with electronic recommendations, easy-on-site scouting tools and a fully integrated grower platform is easier than it sounds.

    Join us for a short introduction to ApRecs Field Services and Scout with a sneak peak of what is to come for version 2.0 this winter. This fast paced and informative session will cover the business perspective as well as technically how much time it can save you.

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    MARKET COMPLIANCE ~ Tools to Manage MRLs and More

    Decisions no longer have to based after the fruit is ran or worse yet, shipped. ApRecs Watch is monitoring fruit recordation decisions before spraying occurs. The Thumbs up is not occurring at the sales desk, it is occurring between Field Services and the Grower. As a result, the long tail of recordation is in place in the orchard and not in the container.

    Join us to see what is on the horizon. Watch is a component of the ApRecs PSP Awareness Suite, Module #2 and though available now.


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    LEADERSHIP TABLE ~ Food Safety Must Earn Thier Place

    ApRecs is about much more than compliance.... Organizations are using ApRecs Data to drive "awareness". To earn a seat at the leadership table Operators and Food Safety Directors must use this information to achieve business objectives both from an operational and marketing perspective.

    However, in order to use Food Safety Data aka "Awareness Data" to improve a company you need a few things. One of them the information (data) must be seen as having strategic, leadership must be on board and most importantly you have to understand the change is about people.

    Join in and guide the discussion; please RSVP Below


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    HERDING CATS ~ Quick Overview & PSP Orientation/Training

    This will be a quick (15-min) recap of Align and Scout and then we'll dive right into how the PSP Module works to report and relate all of the information.

    When you register we'll make sure you get a copy of the training/orientation resources as well as links for additional one-on-one support.


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    PULLING DATA FROM THE TREES ~ Guided Discussion / Intro to Scout

    Join the conversation (or just listen). We will be rolling out ApRecs Scout™.

    This package offers the ability to estimate harvest dates, volume and quality as well as track certain field events from a web-enabled smartphone or tablet.

    Hang around for a discussion among peers on how the information transcends food safety and becomes an essential part of your business.


Learn all you can from the mistakes of others.
You won't have time to make them all yourself.  ~Alfred Sheinwold

At the next Packer Café Discussion, ApRecs will showcase even more enhancements to the acclaimed Product Watch & Market Compliance tool set.  With the excellent feedback received we've enhanced Snapshot to now incorporate Scouting (Harvest Call, Quality and Volume) data together with a rolling compliance report to monitor MRL and PHI critical dates.

Leveraging Food Safety Data - Several Sessions To Choose From
Data obtained from Field and Food Safety Ops can be strategic (if you let it be).... REGISTER NOW

Is There A Bomb In The Box?

“...times have changed and even vertically integrated enterprises want the necessary recordation from their own company orchards. Today, relationships are supported by specialized equipment... Now, the "Thumbs-up" has been replaced with ApRecs Watch™.” – Joe Dager

View The Last Session RE: Market Compliance and MRL/PHI Watch...

Decisions Ahead of The Curve

“...Watch is monitoring fruit records and compliance even before spraying begins. Now information is validated and decsions happening between Field Services and the Grower. As a result, the records are in place in the orchard and not in the container. ” – Matt Voelker

View The Watch Introduction (Video)

Improving Everyone's Bottom Line

“It’s about getting the data, what they [packers] observe in the field, into their warehouse and be able to use that data so they can better align their packing needs… even coordinate with field service organizations… the end result is a better bottom line for everyone involved.” – Britt Dudek

Watch The Scout Introduction (Video)

Enabling & Empowering The Flow of Information

“What this does is enable people to keep records in one place and you can find them. Not just for their [grower] purposes, but for the broader picture, the warehouse …we could use this information all the way down the chain.” – Peter Sanderson

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Evolution Of An Industry

Evolution of the industry has changed to where recordkeeping is tremendously more important … document what we do not only for state purposes and licensing but also for food safety and the marketing of the fruit….  - Nate Squires

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Herding Cats

“Most processors manage spreadsheets and three or four different electronic record systems….  Without a common ‘connector’ that aligns the information into a ‘normal state’, it’s very difficult and costly to report across their grower base efficiently and accurately…it’s been described as ‘herding cats’.”  - Drew Zabrocki

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