ApRecs, a (( centricity )) product, is a secure communications platform. It’s easy to create compliant recommendations and even easier to keep records that drive real-time market reports. Information flows safely across the food chain; privacy and security are maintained throughout.

Serving thousands of clients from West to East coasts, ApRecs delivers a set of agricultural data acquisition and reporting software tools along with automated services that enable you to combine information from various sources, equipment and formats.

Rather than force a regimented or proprietary process, we empower our clients with integration pathways and the ability to work with competing as well as complimentary software providers.

Our solutions are flexible and adjust quickly to changing requirements or competitive adaptations. ApRecs enterprise solutions are wrapped with heroic support, professional on-boarding and training together with expert project management.

ApRecs Provides Heroic Support to Agricultural Industry Customers by addressing technological and pragmatic challenges related to Food Safety Regulation and Market Mandates.

ApRecs Mission

Our business model is simple and straight forward; the defined services are all inclusive, there are no maintenance fees, long-term contracts or heavy upfront payments*. Most importantly everything we do is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

* Optional professional services are available to customize and enhance all of our products; for such remuneration is mutually negotiated and can take on a variety of forms.

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